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About platform and website

Author and hosting

This site was created and is maintained by Gérald Foliot. Application is hosted by TGE-Adonis.


This platform uses the following technologies : Apache, PHP, MySQL and Handle System on Unix/Linux server.

The application code was written to ease the portability of the application on any standard web server to ensure its independence from its host. For the same reasons of portability of the application, there is no particular dependency of the application in relation to specific contexts or frameworks executing. External libraries used (jQuery, ckeditor, htmlpurifier) are embedded in the application.

Domain name

The application uses the domain name datapublication.org registered for 10 years (maximum value). Email aliases used for the functioning of the application has been outsourced to the registrar of the domain (Gandi). Domain name datapublication.net has been locked.


For the management of permalinks, an handle prefix (11107) has been reserved in Handle System. The naming convention for resource identifiers is as follows:

  • hdl:11107/t-xxx-yyy.zz


  • hdl: designates a handle number
  • 11107 is the prefix handle reserved for DataPublication
  • t is a letter to designate the type of resource (a for author, p for publication, d for data, f for file)
  • xxx-yyy is an incremental number split in two for easy memorization
  • .zz an incremental optional number (not implemented yet) to designate a version.

For example, the handle 11107/a-001-001 refers to the author Gérald Foliot. To know the location of this resource, you must use a handle resolution service which gives the form of a URL (a permalink)

The three url referring to the same resource

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