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About accounts creation and roles


Anyone can create an account on the plateform. Creating an account is strictly personal and individual. To create an account please follow this link. Once the form is completed, site administrators will receive an email to validate the account and assign roles and rights. Once your account is validated you can log on the platform. It will appear on the right frame a control panel based on your rights.

Roles and rights

In datapublication platform you can have four roles. Roles are not exclusive, so you can combine several roles within the platform. The roles are: author, reviewer, editor, administrator. Each role has is own rights on both the visibility of data and operations they can do things. Rights are listed below:

  • Authors: It can modify is homepage, create publication or data and upload file. All data created by author is never be access by other until is data have not been approved by an editor.
  • Reviewer: Reviewers can access data for which they were designated. They can submit a report and accept or reject the data for publication.
  • Editor: Editors may designate rapporteurs for the data they submitted. Or not they accept the data for final publication.
  • Administrator: It can validate the accounts and assign roles for each account

For the process evaluation data please refer to this section.

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