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Information about the validation process


The purpose of DataPublication is not to be a completely open data repository, but to be a publishing platform endorsing it as traditional mechanisms of publishing an article in a journal. No data is by default public and can not be in public by the simple fact of the author.


The evaluation process is based on the principle of finite state machines, where it is attached to each data a state and a transition condition.

For each data set, it is attached one and only one of the following state

  • Create
  • Submit
  • In Reviewing
  • To Accept
  • Publish or Refuse

The data will then follow the path below:

  1. When an author creates a dataset, it is automatic in Create initial state
  2. Once the author has finished upload, it may submit the data to a journal. At this time the data set goes in the Submit status. The author can not modify the data and the editor receives an email notification.
  3. The editor at that time may appoint reviewers for the data set. Once designated, the editor locks the data set in Reviewing status. He can not change the reviewers and reviewers receive an email notification.
  4. In Reviewing status, reviewers can download the data. He wrote a report to be submitted to the editor, and makes a decision to accept or not. Once their report and decision rendered, they can not change their opinions and the editor is informed of their decision. The data is in status To Accept.
  5. Following the opinion of the reviewers, the editor makes the final decision to publish or refuse. Data pass in status Publish or Reject.
  6. If the data has been accepted for publication, meta are automatically published on the website and handle number is created. The author must give for each file in dataset a public or private status (accessible by all or not for privacy issues).


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