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Extended table: Categorization of the research papers applying Social Network Analysis techniques on some automatic logs, to reckon the cohesion in learning settings.


Year: 2012

Provide by: Author Anonymous

Keywords: Social Network Analysis, SNA, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Cohesion, Sociograms Inspection, Cohesion Indexes, Grouping Techniques, Bridges, Cut-Points


A Review of the state of the art of application of SNA techniques to evaluate cohesion in educational settings.


The data may not be reused if the paper is not accepted. In case of acceptance, the authors will be identified and the readers will be informed on how they can make a citation of this work.

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DocumentTable of categorization and full list of corresponding references.
handle: hdl:11107/d-001-097
permalink: http://hdl.datapublication.org/11107/d-001-097
permalink: http://hdl.loc.gov/11107/d-001-097
last update: 6 November 2012

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